Do you ever feel a sense of belonging at a concert listening to your favorite band? In a stadium cheering for a team? In a crowd protesting an injustice?

Sociologists suggest we are wired to experience a sense of belonging even in a crowd of 50 or more people. Jesus knew this. It explains why in the Bible we find him teaching crowds, worshiping in synagogues, and celebrating the Jewish feasts.

It also explains why, after Jesus left, house churches occasionally gathered in large houses, at a synagogue, or at the temple. In these public spaces, the church increased its visibility and public witness.

At Seeds, we believe it's important to gather together in a public space for collective worship. As a larger church community we create a space for people to watch or join in as we sing songs, tell stories, hear teaching, take communion, and are challenged to love more deeply.

We gather twice a month at Marcy Open School for collective worship.  If you come, you will find our service to be casual, contemporary, but also a bit liturgical. Check out the schedule for details about time and location!