Do you ever feel a deep sense of belonging when meeting with a few friends over a drink? When playing games? When discussing a movie?

Sociologists suggest we are wired to experience our deepest sense of belonging with a small group of people. Jesus knew this. It explains why in the Bible Jesus began his work by inviting 12 people to be his closest followers. And of those 12, Peter, James, and John became his closest friends. In this personal, and at times intimate space, Jesus invested most of his time. And that investment changed the world.

At Seeds, we want the the "main thing" to be making disciples who can make disciples. That's why we offer two types of discipleship groups: Training D-Groups and Mutuality D-Groups.

Training D-Groups

Training groups focus on intentional discipleship (by a trained leader) in the core competencies of following Jesus.

Details include:

  • Meet twice a month for eight months.
  • Meet for a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • Cover the following 12 core competencies:
    • Living a Missional Life
    • Jesus' Model of Discipleship
    • Continuous Break Through
    • Identity & Authority
    • Deep Relationships
    • Rhythms of Life
    • Personal Calling
    • Definitive Prayer
    • Relational Mission
    • Multiplying Disciples
    • Scripture as Story
    • Missional Community
  • Scripture reading and scripture discussions included.

Mutuality D-Groups

Mutuality groups foster mutual discipleship (facilitated by a trained leader) to provide support, challenge, and accountability in following Jesus for the long haul.

Details include:

  • Meet once a month (minimum).
  • Meet for a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • Usually include eating together.
  • Focus on two things:
    • Evaluating our core relationships (us/God, us/self, us/others, and us/neighbors).
    • Asking, "What is God saying about a relationship?" and "What am I supposed to do about it?"
  • Flexibility to explore other content (for a session or two) that relates to what God is saying to the group.