Yes, it can be overwhelming to "figure out" a new church. We know, we've been there! So here are a few things to help.

Seeds is a "church," but we don't use that word much.

It carries a lot of baggage that we hope is not true of us. We use the word “community” to describe Seeds. We believe it better describes us because it emphasizes relationships. In particular, are our relationships characterized by love?

At Seeds we are a community that recognizes our relationships have not arrived. We want to become more loving of God, each other, and our neighbor. And we want to be working on all three of those with equal passion.

We have a unique structure.

Unlike most North Americans, we don't believe church is a large group worship gathering. We believe a "church" is a mid-size community of 15-30 people on mission with God. We call these Missional Communities. Our communities meet twice a month in homes to deepen our friendships and love our neighbors.

We host Collective Worship gatherings to support the life of our missional communities, not to supersede them. We meet twice a month for collective worship, on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 10:00 AM at Marcy Open School. Take a look at our schedule page for details and directions.

You are welcome, no questions asked.

Wherever we go, we bring all of who we are...our dreams, hurts, successes, failures, strengths, weaknesses...everything. So just know that we’re not perfect. We don’t have it all figured out. And we don’t expect you to either.

So just come and check us out sometime—either at a missional community or a corporate worship gathering.

In the meantime, feel free to explore this website and find out more about us.

We hope to see you soon!