Do you ever feel a special sense of belonging when you’re with your extended family at the holidays? When playing on a large team? When working on a service project?

Sociologists suggest we are wired to experience a deep sense of belonging in an extended family size group of people (15-30). Jesus knew this. It explains why in the Bible we find him always traveling with a mid-size group of people. He calls this group his family. It included some of his biological family, his 12 closest follower, but also those that society had rejected and cast off but knew it was safe to hang out with Jesus.

After Jesus left, the church existed for 300 years as a network of mid-size communities, each able to fit in a single house. In this social space, churches grew and multiplied until in 300 years they were in every major city and region of the world.

At Seeds, we believe a "church" is a mid-size community of 15-30 people who are on mission together. Each missional community is organized around a passion to love and serve a neighborhood or a network of people. Each meets twice a month to join with God on their mission and to deepen their friendships.

Love Marcy Open

MISSION: To join God in loving the Marcy Open Community

MEETS: 2nd and 4th Sundays, 10 AM


  • 2nd Sundays we meet in a home to deepen our friendships over a meal. You are always welcome to join us! Call Dale at 612-719-8159 for the address.
  • 4th Sundays we participate in a variety of activities focused on our mission of loving the Marcy Open community. We pack food for hungry kids, write notes of encouragement to teachers, gather supplies to distribute to those in need, and more. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for specifics. You are always welcome to join us!

Developing Missional Communities

Do you have a passion to make a difference in your neighborhood or with your network of friends, classmates, or co-workers? Seeds wants to cultivate fertile soil for that mission to take root and grow. Contact us to set up a time to talk about how that can happen!