“God so loved the world, God gave…” John 3:16a

God is the ultimate giver. God gives out of love. God is a generous giver. We are, of course, created in the image of this generous God. So God invites us to give generously and out of love. God’s invitation to us to give generously is extended to us for our good. Consider this:

  • Generosity helps free us from making something or someone an idol.
  • Generosity leads us to greater dependency on God.
  • Generous givers experience lives full of joy.
  • Generosity can accomplish great things when done in love.
  • God’s power abounds in a community of generous givers.

This is why the saying is so true, “Generosity is not what God wants from us. It is what God wants for us!”

So at Seeds we unashamedly ask you to be a generous giver in two ways:

  • Serve – It’s fun and accomplishes great things.
  • Give – It reveals a lot about what we love most.